About Us

The Sweater Guys is a "Tech Company".


The Build-It Guy

Dom DeFelice aims to bring the custom garment printing process into the 21st century through IOT and Industry 4.0 software integration.

Dom was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts to two incredibly hard-working and principled doctors. A few of his wide-reaching passions include baseball, grouse hunting, programming (Raspberry Pi life!), and the novels of Dan Brown.

Striking a balance has become second nature to Dom, between studying economics at McGill University, playing varsity baseball (with a batting average of 0.500, whew) and leading The Sweater Guys hardware development.


The Creative Nomad

Dexter Storey was born with the vision of an eagle, the spine of a whale, and the wings of an albatross.

His creative instinct and lack of regular sleep cycle allow his brain and body to concoct ideas that seem years ahead of their time, bringing his work and those he encounters to new levels of inspiration, focus, and determination.

His end goal is to use his mind-over-matter approach to upload his brain into a computer so he will never need to sleep (nor consume ridiculous amounts of coffee) again, focusing his being solely on The Sweater Guys, and finally giving the neighbors some peace and quiet.
We're pretty sure he's an android...


The Nerd

Michel Can is a nerd at heart. He doesn't think like your average person, instead prefers to explore human interaction through binary data parsing.

He is a strange lad. Spending time as a child in a rigorous Japanese samurai training camp, he learned discipline, work ethic and rudimentary weapon skills at a young age.

Michel has always had a primitive fascination with technology. It started when he was a young child, uttering his first UTF-8 string: a base64 encoded meme of a depressed dragon pillaging a small village with the caption "when you merge a github pull request to master without testing"

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